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Fall Skin Moisturizing Routine with Avocado

Summers can be tough on our skin from heat and solar radiation to chlorine-filled

Avocado Recipes for Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a festivity that brings us closer to the ones

Avocado Breakfast Options for All Ages

Avocados are an excellent option to begin the day because they contain 11% of

Use your fridge to maintain fruits and vegetables fresh for your beauty routine.

It is pretty well known that fruits and vegetables are a good source of

3 Ways to Celebrate Friendship Any Day

Our friends are the people whom we choose to share our happiness and sorrows.

Add Avocado: Your Hair and Skin will Thank You

Avocado is a very versatile fruit that we use in guacamole, soups, salads, energizing

Eating Light on the Weekend

After a busy work week, what one most wants is to rest during the

Platos impresionantes para el verano

As summer approaches, the days get longer, the temperature rises, and we find ourselves

3 Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy & Bonding

Parents don't always have enough time (or energy!) to entertain their kids when they're

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