Breakfast: Begin Your Day with Energy!

Breakfast: Begin Your Day with Energy!

Any busy parent agrees: Getting a good, solid breakfast on the table every morning can be a big challenge. We get it! But the good news is this: With a little bit of planning, you can have a breakfast fit for a reina in mere minutos! And the best part is, you give your family the nutrient-dense goodness of avocados before they begin their busy day. Here are a few of our favorite recipes, with tips to make this happen, rápidito!

Beautiful Bowls

Make mornings easier by doing a little prep work the night before. The “bowl” concept means you can take a few key ingredients and mix and match them in combinations that your family members love. And here’s another bit of good news: Just about any of these can double as a delicious lunch!

Let’s start with a tasty quinoa bowl topped with steamed spinach, a soft-boiled egg, toasted sesame seeds, a few crunchy walnuts, a quarter of a sliced avocado, and a drizzle of spicy Sriracha (or any other salsa that adds a bit of pizzazz to your dish). Cook your quinoa the night before. Try cooking the grains in vegetable or chicken stock to infuse them with more flavor. Have your ingredients ready to go so that the morning assembly is quick and easy.

In the morning, start by soft-boiling your egg, and while that’s happening, steam your spinach in a bamboo basket (you can also use the plastic or metal steamer basket that comes with many rice cookers) — just set the steamer atop the pot with the boiling egg. Next, warm up your quinoa and assemble your bowl. On top of your quinoa, layer in your steamed spinach, cut your egg in half and arrange on the grains, add a sprinkling of walnuts, your sliced avocado, sesame seeds and top with your salsa. ¡Hecho!

Once the kids get tired of quinoa, you can switch to another grain: millet, amaranth, and brown or purple rice are all great options. You can also change the toppings depending on your mood or what you have in your fridge and pantry. Want more protein? Just top your bowl with smoked salmon or smoked trout, cheese, cooked chicken, spicy beans, or firm tofu cubes. Add micro-greens or sprouts, shredded carrots, cabbage, or cucumber spears for crunch and create a sauce that sings! Mashing avocado with some Greek yogurt, fresh lemon juice and zest, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, and un toquecito of cayenne pepper will yield a tasty dressing sure to spice up any bowl!

Want to go green? Blend a handful of kale (remove stems and ribs), half an avocado, coconut milk, mango (fresh or frozen, about one cup), half a cup each of apple juice and water, one banana, and a good pinch of fresh, grated ginger. Mix until smooth; you can do this the night before. When you’re ready to eat, pour your smoothie into a parfait cup and top with toasted almond slivers, fresh mango, toasted coconut, and any berries you enjoy.

Sweet Options

Bet you never thought you could mash your way into a sweet avocado pancake that the whole family will love! Well, you can with this amazing avocado pancake recipe. Start by mashing half an avocado, mix in milk, baking soda and powder, vanilla extract, honey, eggs, and whole wheat and white flour before scooping onto a hot, buttered griddle. Serve with your favorite preserves or maple syrup. And here’s a handy tip: if you’ve got ripe bananas on hand, mash them in too and watch your family make the pancakes disappear faster than you can cook them!

If anyone in your family is gluten-free, this recipe is adaptable. Blending two eggs with three tablespoons of almond flour, a pinch of salt, and one tablespoon of milk or nut milk will do the trick. Heat coconut oil in a non-stick pan, add batter by swirling it in as you would for any crepe, and cook. Top with half a mashed avocado, fresh blueberries, the zest of a lemon, and fresh pineapple slices. Drizzle with some agave nectar or maple syrup and dig in, because breakfast should be anything but boring!

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