Oh Baby!: 9 Adorable Kids Eating Avocado

Oh Baby!: 9 Adorable Kids Eating Avocado

Admit it: Among all the photos you’ve taken of your kids, there are dozens of shots of their cute baby faces smeared with all sorts of pureed foods. There are chins and cheeks covered with chunks of beets or carrots, and hands made slick with smashed peas or potatoes pounded into a gluey paste.

They’re all adorable — truly. But we confess: there’s nothing we love more than baby photos showing angelic faces glowing green with avocado, the perfect fruit so many parents use to introduce their little ones to solid food. Here are a few of our favorites!

1. This baby knows it’s holding something special . . .

(Photo by ponce_photography/Pixabay)

2. This baby proves that cleaning up an avo-related mess isn’t such a terrible job when your baby is this cute.

(Photo by Nalinne Jones/Thinkstock)

3. Every family should have a “baby’s first avocado” picture.

(Photo courtesy of Naomi Tomky)

4. This baby knows that there’s no wrong way to eat an avocado, so don’t even try to give her any avo-eating advice.

(Photo courtesy of Forest Featherston)

5. Something tells us that no matter how hard this adult is trying to control an avo-mess, this neat-looking device might not work quite as well as advertised.

(Photo via Benjamin Chan/Flickr)

6. Smash and smile, the favored technique of babies, IS a good way to enjoy avocado, especially when you’re so adorable that you can totally get away with it.

(Photo courtesy of Shana Westlake)

7. Mom’s got the right idea: an avocado is the perfect on-the-go snack for babies and kids (and yes, adults, too!). But this kid doesn’t seem impressed by mom’s smart planning . . . .

(Photo via Jason Lam/Flickr)

8. This baby understands how versatile the avocado is . . . . You can even use it as a phone!

(Photo courtesy of Suzanne Germaneso Dolan)

9. These kids know that avocados are better when you share them with friends.

(Photo courtesy of Suzanne Cope)

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