3 Odd Avocado Trends You Might (and Might Not!) Want to Try at Home

3 Odd Avocado Trends You Might (and Might Not!) Want to Try at Home

Is 2017 the year of the avocado?

It seems that every week there’s a headline heralding a new avo trend. We still love avo toast, which will never go out of style, but we have to admit that tastemakers have really been pushing the avo envelope this year. 2017 has seen some unusual uses of avocado, and not just in the kitchen. Here’s a look at 3 odd avocado trends, and our thoughts about whether you should try them at home.

1. The Avocado Latte

“Literally coffee in a piece of rubbish” is how one newspaper described the avocado latte, which is — yes, you guessed it! — a latte served inside the skin of half of an avocado. Truman Café, a coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia, posted an Instagram video of one of its baristas preparing a latte and pouring it into an avocado skin, and the Internet went wild.

Though café staff said the avo latte was just a joke, people soon started showing up specifically to try the new drink and a trend was born. But should you try this at home? Well, why not? We’re big fans of reusing the bits of avocado that people typically discard right away, and we all know that avocado lends a creamy texture to whatever it’s paired with.

And while you’re at it, why not make some chocolate avocado brownies to go with your coffee?

2. The Avocado “Bun”

Though it wasn’t the first restaurant to come up with the idea, the world’s first avocado bar opened in Brooklyn in early 2017, and its use of avocados as “buns” in everything from hamburgers to smoked salmon breakfast “sandwiches” popularized the proliferation of avocados as a replacement for traditional bread-based buns. It sounds easy enough, placing your burger and toppings between two avocado halves, but is this a trend to try at home? The answer to this one is more complicated. Delicious? Absolutely. But keep in mind that a serving size is one-third of a medium sized avocado, so eating an entire avocado exceeds that substantially.

3. The Avocado as Accessory

Not all of this year’s avo trends are culinary. 2017 has witnessed the rise of the avocado as an accessory. There are avocado socks, avo headbands, and, our favorite, the classy sterling silver avocado necklace.

Should you try these? Definitely! Wear your avo love on your sleeve (or your feet, or your head, or… you get the idea). But if you’re a serious avocado lover, then you’ll want to take things a step further and accessorize your lifestyle, too. An avocado pool float is pretty much the best summer accessory we’ve ever seen, and will make you the life of any pool party.

What avocado trends are you keeping tabs on? Connect with us on social and let us know.

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