Think the humble avocado is relegated to delicious guacamole or the friendly surprise that makes occasional appearances in fresh salads?

Unlock the unknown greatness of the avocado here. With hundreds of recipes for morning, noon, night — and all hours in between — the avocado is about to take a place of prominence in your recipes, your kitchen, your life.

Change Meals, Change Mindsets


Avocado is a four-syllable word that means no-cholesterol, sodium-free, naturally good in fat, and nutritious.


Love your family? Well, avocados are a great way to show that love. They contain monounsaturated fatty acids, aka good fats, like those found in olive oil.


Avocados: Active Green Goodness. That’s our mantra. Before workouts, your body needs fuel, including the good fats found in avocados.

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Hate calorie counting? Simply count on calorie-friendly foods. By gravitating toward smart calorie foods like avocados, your meal and your mindset shift. Mission accomplished.


Active, happy people hang together. Just like avocados on a tree. A community that realizes and recognizes happiness starts with eating foods like avocados.


What spinach was to a favorite cartoon sailor, avocados can be to you. A source of strength and sustenance.

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