Introducing New Veggies

Try it, You’ll like it

Kids develop food preferences early. But as your child’s first teacher, it’s important not to quit trying. Children may need to be offered a new food up to 15 times before they’ll taste it. Here a few activities you can do with your child to help get their buy-in on a new veggie.

4 Tips On Introducing New Veggies

Let Them Pick

Take them shopping and let them pick out the new vegetable. When you get home, research where it originates from and if it’s related to other vegetables. You can use one of these supermarket activity sheets for ideas.

Try Different Types of The Same Thing

Maybe you’ve always bought cherry tomatoes, but there’s an increasing number of varieties at the grocery store. Pick a couple and when you get home do a taste test and ask your kids to talk about the differences.

Add New Ones To Their Favorite Family Menu Items

Adding a small amount to something they already love increases the chance of success.

Serve The Veggie With DIP

In a recent study published by the American Dietetic Association, when preschool aged children were served broccoli with a dip (we recommend guacamole!), their consumption rate increased 80 percent.

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