5 Delicious Avocado Toasts

5 Delicious Avocado Toasts

Avocado toast is quite possibly the easiest, most delicious breakfast ever. In its most basic form, it’s exactly what it says it is: avocado smashed and slathered on your favorite toast. That simple combination of two essential ingredients never gets old, but there are so many ways you can change up your routine, sampling other flavors to keep things interesting.

Here are five fun, tasty, and still simple-as-can-be recipes for avocado toasts that add a couple extra ingredients. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to tell us about your favorite avo toast!

1. Avocado and Egg Toast

Want a protein boost to go with your standard avo toast? This recipe gives it to you in the form of a hard-boiled egg topping. One large hard-boiled egg will give you 6.29 grams of protein. And while the avocado and egg toast recipe calls for salt and pepper as the only condiments, you’re really only bound by your imagination. A tiny pinch of Spanish smoked paprika, or pimentón, will punch up this avo toast exponentially. And if you’re keen to impress, a saffron thread or two wouldn’t be out of place, either.

2. Avo Toast with Ham and Aioli

This recipe takes us to Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain, which is famous for exceptional ingredients, including its ham and a garlic sauce called aioli. Buy the best ham you can afford and take the time to make a traditional aioli if you’re able (save this recipe for the weekend if weekdays are too busy!). But even if you need to buy a simpler domestic ham and just pound garlic and olive oil in a mortar and pestle, this recipe will still produce a scrumptious avo toast.

3. Breakfast Toast with Cottage Cheese and Avocado

It’s amazing how the addition of two basic ingredients can totally transform avo toast. This recipe amps up avocado and toast by piling on some cottage cheese and a dash of chipotle chile powder. Don’t have chipotle? That’s ok! You can sub in crushed red pepper or whatever other spicy kick you have in your kitchen cabinet.

4. Avocado Bagel Spread

Love bagels more than toast? No problem! This recipe is the bagel version of avo toast. Again, essential Mexican ingredients come into play — chile, cilantro, sea salt (yes, that comes from Mexico, too!), and lemon — making this a delectable modern-day homage to the home country.

5. Cucumber Avocado “Sandwich”

Two things about this recipe: (1) It’s not actually a sandwich, and (2) It can be eaten any time of day — as can any other avocado toast!

This recipe draws on a few essential Mexican ingredients. There’s the avocado, of course, but also cilantro, cucumbers, and crema mexicana (sour cream will work just fine if you can’t find this at your supermarket), as well as salt and basil. The ingredient list also calls for sourdough bread, but you can use whatever bread you have at home or whichever one is your favorite.

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