Add Some Flair to Thanksgiving Leftovers

Add Some Flair to Thanksgiving Leftovers

After all the preparation for Thanksgiving is over, it is time to get much-needed rest from all the hard work that went into the holiday. Thankfully all your leftovers can feed the family for a few days with minimal work to make them exciting for meals to come.

You can spice up your leftovers simply by adding ingredients that we all enjoy. Let’s start by giving a twist to the traditional turkey sandwich with cilantro avocado mousse.

Besides being tasty, you are adding various nutritional benefits. Avocado is a good source of fiber (11% of recommended daily value) and provides more than 20 essential nutrients. It also brings good fat to the body, which helps the absorption of some vitamins as A, D, K and E, without elevating cholesterol levels.

The recipe is easy to make but needs to set before using it. So, we recommend doing so in the morning so it’s ready for lunch and dinner.

Mix 11/2 unflavored gelatin in ½ cup of cold water and stir well over a double-boiler until smooth. Then, let cool. In a blender, add 1 peeled Avocado from Mexico, 1 cup of low-fat mayo, 1cup of chopped cilantro, 2 spoons of lime juice, salt and a serrano pepper (optional) to taste. While blending, slowly add the cooled water and gelatin mixture.

When smooth, pour the mix on a greased mold and chill in thefridge for a couple of hours. Once set, unmold and put on a plate. Add some cilantro leaves as decoration on the top.

You can also prepare this mousse as an appetizer dip for your guests for Thanksgiving dinner, and it will be a delicious leftover for the following day.

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